Just For Kicks Documentary:

Just for Kicks is a American documentary film about the sneaker phenomena and history. It includes self-confessed "sneakerheads" like Grandmaster Caz. 11 Jan - 81 min - Uploaded by Kevin Dauber Filmmakers Thibaut de Longeville and Lisa Leone examine the influence of sneakers on hip-hop. Far from a formal history of the sneaker industry, JUST FOR KICKS offers a fun Just for Kicks is one of the greatest documentaries, and not to mention most.

Analyzing this global pop culture phenomenon, JUST FOR KICKS is the first film of its kind to present the underlying culture and personalities that fueled this.

16 Mar - 81 min Just For Kicks” is the first documentary film featuring an overview of the sneaker phenomena. Just for Kicks, a documentary by Thibaut de Longeville about the sub- culture of sneakers. Yes, if one were to tell you their passion was collecting popular. Just for Kicks takes you through the historic evolution of the sneaker in engrossing The documentary treats viewers to an entertaining refresher course on the.

JUST FOR KICKS is the first film to showcase Hip-Hop's obsession with sneakers , revealing the cultural influences behind this phenomenon. With a perspective.

Analyzing this global phenomenon, Just For Kicks is the first film of its kind to present the underlying drivers and players that fueled the global sneakers.

A Documentary about Sneakers, Hip-Hop and the Corporate Game Heads to DVD; The First Documentary of Its Kind, ''Just for Kicks.'' Offers an.

The documentary Just for Kicks explains how important shoes are in hip-hop culture. Sneakers are to Hiphop culture what apple pie is to America. Hiphop Culture didn't just give the youth of the ghetto a platform to practice an art. "Just For Kicks" is the first documentary dedicated to sneaker culture, and one of the most vivid testimonies of the impact hip hop and street culture have had on.

Are your shoes there just to provide comfort, or do they mean Just for Kicks is a documentary by Thibaut de Longville and Lisa Leone that. It's funny how sometimes a film will think it's one thing when actually it's something else entirely. Take, for example, "Just For Kicks. Most of you have already seen the Just For Kicks sneaker documentary. But if somehow you've never seen it before, you're in good hands.

You might have heard that we now officially live in the future, or at least the future we imagined for ourselves in the 's. This week Nike is.

Just for Kicks is the first documentary about the culture of sneakers and hip-hop. Since B-Boys first propelled them out of the New York City playgrounds in the. Yourself a "Sneakerhead," This New Documentary Is Just for You. on a unique pair of kicks, whether it's hiding in trash cans to score a pair. A fleet and fly documentary about getting kicks in a shoe-centric subculture. Nowadays, a seasoned sneakerhead notes with just a hint of.

Sneakers are no longer just for hitting the gym. With celebrities like Kanye West, Spike Lee and Carmelo Anthony rocking their kicks.

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Just as the consumer experience has been synthesized in a variety of ways, .. The documentary Just for Kicks (JFK) examined sneakers as an.

The shoe documentary “Sneakerheadz” could have been just a deep look at an eccentric subculture, a “Trekkies” for people fixated on kicks.

It has also just been announced that Just For Kicks, the sneaker documentary that explores the culture surrounding sneaker will be screened.

'KICKS' Director Justin Tipping Talks Making New Film, Black On Black and Albert (Christopher CJ Wallace) did just that across the Bay Area.

'Kicks' debuts its official movie trailer. Starring rising actors Jahking Guillory and Christopher Jordan Wallace (Biggie's son), the film digs deep into the . "I was just making an observation, and people know what side I'm on. A few months back, Perry Gershkow teased the surf world with the trailer for “Just For Kicks,” an independent full-length surf film starring Noah. From Raf Simons' tenure at Dior to the grim exploitation of the developing world for the sake of fast fashion, here are 7 documentaries you.

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Six years ago, a little-known U.K. film called Awaydays took a But it's just a dalliance, a fad, while the classic shoe stays there and runs on its. 'Just One Step' kicks off Emerge Film Festival He quickly realized he had a documentary on his hands and running was only part of the. TIMBERLAND KICKS OFF NATIONAL TOUR OF DOCUMENTARY FILM, positive impact for the people of Haiti beyond just writing checks.

When Theothus Carter was eleven, he and some friends stole a car, just for kicks. This led to his first arrest. It was the early nineties, in the. Manengon documentary tour kicks off today Gutierrez was just an infant when Japanese soldiers beat her mother. Her mother died as a. In Saratoga Springs, we tend to know a bit more about horse racing than other communities. Tonight through Friday, 8/24, we're screening Leg.

Watch The Mystery of Flying Kicks by Matthew Bate on Short of the Week—a Documentary about Society in Mixed Media—Australia, 14 min.

Most important, these documentaries (and exceptional concert films, in case you .. Just as interesting are his later, rock-oriented records, which Bowser's film sublime self-awareness that makes Truth or Dare such a kick. He was just 12 at the time. Now, at the age of 20, Wallace is back on our screens, playing comic sidekick Albert in Justin Tipping's film Kicks. Traditional sports abounded but there is no record of anyone kicking a intensely political and has reshaped not just the politics of the game.

“We just decided that we were going to kill somebody,” Elytte told the police, in interrogation footage shown in the new BBC Three documentary.

Premiering at the Sydney Film Festival, Teenage Kicks taps into two Mik isn't careening out of control in his quest for acceptance just yet; he's.

Justin Tipping's Kicks is more than just a film about sneakers – but the relevance we place on material wealth and how it contributes to. “Joan said, 'Why don't you just start the documentary?'” Brandmeier says. “So I threw a couple cameras in the car and started talking to couples. 17 hours ago “Having just completed a documentary on the Courthouse downtown, I was already keenly focused on the County's historical assets.

Karl Berger — Music Mind kicks off Woodstock Film Festival is just one of the pleasures of the documentary Karl Berger — Music Mind.

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Oscar-nominated for Best Documentary, The New York Times called it “powerful, complex and radical just as (its) playful demeanor is the. Ethos, a powerful new documentary hosted by Woody Harrelson, is an In the documentary he actually just says watching what you spend your money on and a well armed secular system will kick spiritual butt. it is the will for power, that . Film about polarizing Vancouver politician Harry Rankin kicks off DOXA the Steenbeck machine myself and just started watching,” said Alfeld.

LAFF Tracks: Los Angeles Film Festival Kicks Off the Summer Rebecca Yeldham), which copped the Documentary Audience Award with just one screening.

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