: Megasquirt Base Maps

Maps can sometimes be found on the or .com forums that are similar enough to be used as a base map for your vehicle but ignition system, MegaSquirt version and firmware version they're running.

Tuner maps are from highly modified cars. These may be closer than the base map for cars with similar mods. These are not canned tunes that you can just load .

2 Dec - 5 min - Uploaded by Adaptronic - this video covers the basics of how to set up volumetric efficiency. Looking for a base map to use with TunerStudio for a Ford using the stock TFI setup. Also when I went MegaSquirt I deleted the MAF. *Base maps are provided as a starting point only! Do not assume these tables or settings will be correct for your application, no matter how similar it seems.

MEGAsquirt - 94 Megasquirt Base map. - Does anyone have file they can send me for a STOCK 94 running the MSnS-e high resolution firmware?. I just got my Megasquirt put in, but I ran into a bit of an issue. I was going to tell you to start with the MSPNP base map but it looks like their site has changed. ALRIGHT HERE IS THE WEBSITE FOR 4G63 BASE MAPS. I'm tired of people asking for them I've done the searching, so now all you have.

i remenmber someone had done a base map for the and posted it on this forum, ive searched for topics with megasquirt in them and cannot.

Im pretty new to Megasquirt and EFI in general so any help would be I just used the Generate VE table feature for a base map and tuned from.

going to test run a newly built MS2 box just after I get my car driving in a straight line, need a base tune but search results are landing me a ton.

Engine Management Forum - mega squirt base map help - I need a base map for the mega squirt v for a 13bbp NA. Thanks in advance.

Converting a Zetec SE engine (Fiesta) from standard ECU to a Megasquirt 2 v and we're having trouble locating a base map for it. Can anyone help with usable maps to a megasquirt II to start the tuning process - or maybe point me in a direction where I can download?. Updated wiring and maps for Megasquirt: Mazda Protege, , Familia - Ford Escort GT - Ford Laser -

I don't know if any of you might have this, but could one of you guys post up a map of a stock SOHC? I'm going to be installing my megasquirt. Supermiata home page > Engine Management > MegaSquirt MS3 Pro ECU You will need to determine pin outs and generate your own base maps **. I need a base map for a DOHC KA-T. Just need a starting point for fuel and ignition that I can tune from. Wanted to see if anyone had one that.

Megasquirt Base Maps - posted in Mechanical & Electrical.

If i start without a base map (megasquirt usually), i put in some reasonable numbers. For example, most engines will be fine on 8 psi of boost.

Im planning on building a H6 gc8 coupe as a track car and using megasquirt to control the engine. How would i go about setting up a base map. i just bought a megasquirt 1 v and i was wondering if anyone have a base map to help to help me get the car running. this a a bone stock. Welcome to the wonderful world of "Megasquirt" and our unique solutions for Sadly some customers just stay with our base maps - as they are more than.

Welcome to This site is dedicated to assist in the assembly of PnP Megasquirt 3x and DIYPNP units for Mazda Miata installs.

Hey guys, I am looking for a base map to use for my 2j swapped It is going to be 2j na-t and I will be running with the distributor, all I need is a base map to.

Hey ppl I'm looking for a base fuel map for a 4age 16v big port bluetop. Will see if I can find my MegaSquirt maps for my 4AGE Bigport when I.

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