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12 Sep - 8 min - Uploaded by Reaction Time Link To Article: In this episode I looked at voices behind the most popular. 12 Real People Behind These Iconic Cartoon Character Voices. Homer Simpson. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images. Scooby-Doo. Scott Innes is the voice actor to thank when it comes to your childhood spent solving mysteries with Scooby-Doo. Charlie Brown. Popeye. Garfield The Cat. Bugs Bunny. Mickey. From maniacal laughs to dry monotones, from goofy to smarmy, they're the voices in your head when you hear words like 'donkey,' 'doc' and.

Cartoons 75+ Famous People Who Voiced Cartoon Characters. Everyone knows that Walt Disney, Mel Blanc, and Dan Castellaneta have provided the voices to iconic cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Homer Simpson respectfully. But several famous movie and TV actors have also voiced cartoon characters. Even though we don't see them, there are real people with real voices behind all of our favorite cartoon characters. We call these people voice actors. We've put together a list of cartoon characters and the real voices behind them. From Mila Kunis as Meg Griffin in Family Guy to Angelina Jolie as Master Tigress .

These well-known faces got behind the mic to provide the voices for your favorite cartoons.

These 22 People Voiced Over Cartoon Characters. The Voice: Christine Cavanaugh. The Voice: Elizabeth “E.G.” The Voice: Pamela Adlon. The Voice: Charles Adler. The Voice: Tom Kenney. The Voice: Jeff Bennett. The Voice: Jess Harnell. The Voice: Frank Welker.

10 Legendary Cartoon Voices (and where else you may have heard them) . Though she's not a cartoon character, it may also interest you to.

And Weinger isn't the only actor who's appeared on screen as well as voiced cartoon characters. A ton of our beloved faves were actually.

Mickey Mouse (Original) – Walt Disney. Founder of the still growing Disney company, Walt Disney was the original voice of Mickey Mouse from. characters. Here are 27 stars you didn't know voiced popular cartoon characters. Cera even continued to voice the character until Seriously, how cute. Voice acting is more than lending a voice to a cartoon character. It's becoming the character completely. During your audition, directors look for actors who can.

It takes more than a talented animator to bring a character to life. Once the animation has been completed, a soundtrack and voice actor needs to be selected.

15 Oct - 12 min When these distinctive voices are on the air, it's hard to change the channel. For this list, we.

Over the course of its nine seasons, Perry Mason cast a whopping 1, actors in total. The legal whodunnit had plenty of shoes to fill — jurors.

The key skill with animation is being able to perform many different types of character voices. You might find that you are hired for just one cartoon voice, but . The voices for animated characters are provided by voice actors. For live action productions, voice acting often involves. When you think of animation or character voices, you may automatically think of Acme cartoons or Disney animated films. Think again! Nowadays, character.

Often the people who voice cartoon characters are simply voice actors who have never appeared in person on TV or in films. However, more and more large. If you find yourself saying “I can do that,” when listening to the voices of cartoon characters, you should consider starting a career as a voice over actress. As this . Or what the voice actors behind Yakko, Wakko, and Dot from the talented voice actors behind your favorite childhood cartoon characters.

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A who's who among the elite team of voice actors in Season 1 of "Big Mouth. ' Big Mouth' Season 1 Voice Cast: A Visual Guide To The Adult Voices . and not watch a very graphic cartoon that distorts everything for a laugh. He developed and performed nearly distinct character voices with precision and . Thankfully for cartoon lovers that career didn't pan out. An all-Latino voice cast brings the Pixar animated film to life on Nov.

a good time to celebrate the TV cartoon characters, young and old, that we The 40 Best Cartoon Characters of All Time Voice: Mel Blanc.

Can you name the actors who voice the cartoon characters below? Test your knowledge on this entertainment quiz to see how you do and compare your score . Some of your favorite animated characters are voiced by a face you'd never expect. Here are 15 actors that look nothing like the characters they. Watching cartoons is hilarious and fun for children and adults alike, with shows One of the benefits of animated characters is being able to use any voice to.

These stars are not just talented in front of the lens, they have a sense of humour too and have lent their voices to some of most beloved animated characters. Many African-American actors have provided their instruments to give voice to some of America's top cartoon characters. You know what Batman sounds like. Same for Sponge Bob, Bugs Bunny, Bender, and a zillion other characters in cartoons, games and movies.

When it comes to these other characters; however, the celeb who lent his or her voice to the role might come as a huge surprise. Keep on.

Many black stars have voiced our favorite animated characters and of “The Boondocks,” cartoon characters, and the voices behind them.

So why do so many cartoon characters sound so eerily familiar? In this list we highlight 10 cartoon characters whose voices (and often their.

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